Billiards Problems


Pool Picture for March 28 2015Here’s a sample of what we worked on at a spring Math Teachers’ Circle meeting with Justin Lanier.  If the green pool ball is sent off in the 45 degree angle shown, then it will bounce off the opposite wall, one unit below point B.

If it continues to bounce around the table, will it eventually go into one of the pockets marked A, B, or C, and if so, which one will it reach first?

For a neat Geogebra applet that shows off this and other pool bouncing arrangements please check out:

A math circle for Boston area teachers


We are excited about creating a math circle for Boston area teachers: a community where teachers and mathematicians can celebrate the creative spirit of math together, and explore ways to bring the joy of mathematics to our students. We are putting together the 2014-2015 program now, which will focus on middle school teaching. We will start the year off with a summer retreat (August 4-8) followed by monthly Saturday sessions at Harvard through the school year. In addition to earning professional development points, participating teachers will gain a deeper sense of the joy, beauty and excitement of mathematics, and a network of teachers and mathematicians to draw on through the year.

We hope you will join us!