We are pleased to announce the founding of the Boston Math Teachers Circle! The BMTC is a community of teachers and mathematicians who come together regularly to freely exchange ideas about math and teaching.
Our summer retreat and monthly meetings provide a place for middle school math teachers to

  • Re-energize/discover their passion for math through mathematical explorations with colleagues in an enjoyable, supportive setting
  • Develop and share math knowledge and problem-solving strategies to help teachers enrich their classroom teaching

Fully funded by the Educational Advancement Foundation (EAF), and sponsored by Harvard’s Math for Teaching program, the BMTC offers an exciting professional development opportunity for teachers looking to deepen their mathematical understanding and appreciation.

The BMTC team:

Jameel Al-Aidroos Jameel Al-Aidroos, Harvard University
Juliana Belding Juliana Belding, Harvard University
Andy Engelward Andy Engelward, Harvard University
Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 1.36.24 PM Dan Goldner, JE Burke HS, Boston
 meredith Meredith Hegg, Harvard University
Kam Ho Lau, Josiah Quincy Upper School, Boston
 STezel Selim Tezel, Consultant

To get involved, get in touch!