Math Art from Selim Tezel’s sessions!


Here are a few examples from our recent January 2017 session – showing off a visual of multiplication by 2, 4 and 7 respectively!


And here are a few of the more spectacular two color pictures from our January 2015 session hosted by Selim Tezel – be dazzled!

The math question underlying this session – what types of figures are two-colorable?  The four color map theorem is relatively well-known, but what constraints on a figure/map would make it two colorable?

MATH - colors by Lyssa

circle study 3 by KimOp Art 3 from Shaina

OpArt 1 from Shainaskeleton3 by Jenniferhand study by Kim

planets by Jennifer shades of orange by Lyssa Lyssa 4 two color art from Brendan wise-dolphin from Bruce

And a few counterexamples for you to ponder as well!

Counter-examples from Nicole